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ORGANIC Sweetened Blueberries Refill Bag

Healthful, natural and delicious
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12oz Refill Bag
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12oz Refill Bag
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Fruits originating in the Americas are limited; the blueberry is one fruit that truly is native. The earliest settlers sought out this highly valued berry. They found blueberries to be so versatile that they added it to a wide range of foods and health remedies. Healthy, delicious and filled with antioxidants, the blueberry is a real super fruit.

Though July is National Blueberry Month (the blueberry harvest peaks in July), you can enjoy these Meduri organic all-natural dried fruit treats any time. We've prepared them with special care, in a way that captures their distinctive flavor. Use Meduri organic blueberries to enhance cakes, snacks, cereals, or use them as the settlers once did, in soups and stews. With Meduri World Delights, these tasty organic blueberries are always in season.

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