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Naturally sweet, nothing added

Only 100% Montmorency Cherries Harvest Pack

Stock up. Enjoy. Save 20%.
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5lb box
Other Available Sizes
12oz Tin
12oz Refill Bag
These are grown here on our family-run Oregon farm. They are the perfect tart cherry. This all-natural dried fruit has nothing, absolutely nothing added. Our 100% Montmorency Cherries are just that: cherries. Not even a hint of sugar. Just the pure harvest-fresh taste of fruit, fruit, fruit. Carefully dried- naturally of course- for you to enjoy year-round in season or out of season. Always natural, always unsulphured. We're sure you'll love them or love giving them as dried fruit gifts. In addition, you save 20% compared to buying by the refill bag. Explore the finest all-natural dried fruit from Meduri World Delights in 5 lb. Harvest Packs.

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