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Only 100% Fruit Large Sampler Wheel

5 amazing flavors in one spectacular gift!
Product #
Large - 2lbs, 2oz total
$54.95 $49.95
Other Available Sizes
Small - 15oz total
$31.95 $24.95
**Please Note: We are currently out of stock on Only 100% Mandarins. Only 100% Montmorency Cherries will be substituted at this time.**

Our sampler wheels come in a reuseable wooden tray. Each tray is filled with our delectable fruit. No sugar added, just the natural sweetness of each fruit. A perfect gift for anyone on your list!

All this is inside:
--100% Blueberries
--100% Bing Cherries
--100% Apples
--100% Montmorency Cherries
--100% Peaches

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