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Milk Chocolate Peach Treasures Refill Bag

A trove of heavenly treats to explore
Product #
12oz Refill Bag
Out of Season
Other Available Sizes
12oz Tin
Out of Season
5lb Harvest Pack
Out of Season

The peach may be the perfect fruit, but cover it with creamy chocolate and you have an entirely new taste sensation. This extraordinary delicacy was crafted just for Meduri World Delights by a confectioner in our home state of Oregon.

The all-natural, darker milk chocolate from world-renowned Guittard, is enhanced with pure vanilla for an especially rich, creamy flavor. The result is a luscious complement to our superb Harvest Pride® peaches. These Milk Chocolate Peach Treasures are nothing short of outstanding. Share these chocolate covered fruits with someone you love. You won't find them anywhere else.

Meduri World Delights offers a tasty assortment of all-natural dried fruits and chocolate covered fruits, be sure to view the entire collection of flavors today.

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