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Only 100% Fruit

Only 100% Blueberries Tin

Naturally Sweet, Nothing Added
Product #
12oz Tin
Other Available Sizes
12oz Refill Bag
5lb Harvest Pack
Taste the difference of all-natural, unsulphured dried fruit with our collection of Only 100% Fruit from Meduri World Delights. Enjoy blueberries, the original super-fruit, with a fresh, natural taste. All-natural, with nothing, absolutely nothing added. That means no sugar, preservatives or any other additives. Just pure blueberry bliss. Dried naturally with care, enjoy these all-natural blueberries anytime of the year. Eat them by the handful or add them to homemade granola, cereals and oatmeal for a healthy treat. These blueberries also make delightful dried fruit gifts for those who prefer natural gifts.

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