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Bountiful Gift Basket

Overflowing with fruits, chocolates and more!
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4lbs, 1oz
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The Bountiful Gift Basket is really eight delicious gifts in one. A bounty of tasty, all-natural, fruit-laden treats fill our handsome woven gift basket. A generous gift for families, offices, or any fruit and chocolate lover.

All this is inside:
- Truffle Delights tin (16 truffles)
- Double-Dipped Chocolate Covered Fruit Mix, 12oz
- Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake, 16oz
- Strawberry-Rhubarb Bites, 6oz
- Bing Cherry & Almond Nougat Smiles, 12 pieces
- Apricot & Almond Nougat Smiles, 12 pieces
- Golden Blush Peaches, 6oz
- Candied Apple Popcorn, 2 cups

With these fruit and chocolate gift baskets there is something everyone will love!

Find the perfect fruit and chocolate gift sets at Meduri World Delights today.

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