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Sweetglow® Apricots Tin

Luscious, subtle, surprisingly moist
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12oz Tin
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12oz Refill Bag
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6oz Sampler Packet
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5lb Harvest Pack
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Twelve 1 ounce packs
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When it comes to apricots, a small rural town in California is king! The apricot is an ancient fruit that originated in the fertile valleys of China.

We select these Sweetglow® Apricots at their ripest, then prepare them, halved, in small quantities to preserve their distinctive apricot flavor. This all-natural dried fruit has a distinctive flavor, a subtle sweetness with a tender texture. These are not the dried apricots commonly found on the shelves of the grocery store. Full of iron, calcium and vitamin A, your body will appreciate apricots from Meduri World Delights .

Finding ripe fruit all year round doesn't have to be difficult when you shop the selection at Meduri World Delights!


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Our Favorite!!
Jan 9, 2020
These apricots are a treat! Only one time many years ago we had a disappointment in them. A 5 lb. bag never goes to waste.
Elaine D
Very Yummy
Dec 8, 2019
Over the years, we have ordered the apricots several times. They are our favorite! I appreciate that the fruit is unsulphured. The fruit is tasty, soft-chewy and so good!!
Elaine D
Dec 29, 2015
How wonderful to finally be able to snack on dried apricots that don't taste like shoe leather! These are incredibly delicious - moist and succulent, just the way they're described here. Warning: highly addictive! :-)
M. Aronson


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